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Xpress One was opened in 2008. Since then we have grown from a small flight training school to a multi-specialty operation offering private charters, aircraft sales, management, training, maintenance, avionics, exporting, and aircraft renovation. We have hundreds of repeat customers worldwide. Our philosophy is simple: we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

Why Should You Choose Xpress One?

At XPA, we aim to deliver the same level of operational quality that you would demand of your own organization. In the world of private air travel, expectations are high, yet we set the bar higher. Easy booking (accommodations included), hassle-free security, prompt boarding, excellent food, a peaceful and productive in-flight experience. The “perfect flight” is efficient, luxurious, and refined. Our clients enjoy all the benefits of private air travel without the hassles and complications many charter companies provide.

At Xpress One Aviation, we know that there are many options for clients who can afford the cost of private air travel and aircraft ownership.

That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure that once someone works with us, they come back.

We understand the basics of providing aviation services as well as the importance of safety, reliability, knowledge and experience, but we also recognize that it’s critical to provide service that sets us apart of from our competitors.

Marcelo C.
Director Of Flight Ops & Chief Pilot

Premium Fleet & Premium Services

We only hire pilots who are highly qualified with many hours of experience. In fact, most are former airline pilots. Our maintenance department is highly skilled at performing all tasks ranging from simple maintenance to full avionics panel upgrades. From 100 hours inspections, annuals, paint, upholstery, and avionics; we’ve got you covered.

Cessna Citation S/II
Piper Navajo Chieftain
Cessna 340A
More Coming Soon

Meet The Team

XPA is led by Marcelo C. (Director Of Flight Operations & Chief Pilot) and Mike Yocum (Vide President of Flight Training.

Our team is constantly striving to maintain a robust safety culture across all levels of our organization. By implementing the safest and most proactive risk management practices in the industry, we have proven time and again that such a high standard is indeed not only achievable, but absolutely integral to our company culture.

Our flight crews are subject to rigorous safety audits that ensure we are meeting and exceeding the highest safety standards.

Marcelo C
Mike Yokum